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Our Mzamose Charts : It is not always easy to explain one simple set of data to people for them to fully understand by just using an Excel/PowerPoint chart. Sometimes it may need few charts and even some narration and it takes a long time to develop those. don’t worry about developing all those. For that, you have Mzamose Charts!

A Microsoft Office charting add-in to help you present your data better and effectively. Mzamose Charts allows you to show ONE set of data in FOUR different perspectives, i.e.

These perspective and interactions with data, allows you have more effective presentations of your data, so your audience can quickly have a comprehensive understanding of what the data says. If better understanding of what data says is attained better decisions are made and made quickly.

Mzamose Charts is the only Office add-in that can allow you to show the properties and messages about your data and if very easy to use. 

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